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Hi! I'm Victoria Carrington, author of the The AROMA Approach to Bible Study.

I am also a Bible researcher,  Bible study teacher, Bible blogger, social media missionary, Bible devotional author, former psychiatrist and homeschool mom veteran with experience in individualized & holistic learning.

I've long enjoyed tutoring and teaching. It's a central part of who I am. I was the little girl at our backyard playhouse in the role of teacher for the neighborhood children, a branch as my pointer and the rough wood walls my chalkboard.

From algebra tutor to high school biology teacher and my life as a homeschool mom, God has provided many opportunities for me to teach. The ways we learn amazes me. How God created our brains is one of the most awesome mysteries of the human body. I know this well because of what I learned in my training to become a psychiatrist. 

In my current assignment, God called me to teach his people how to know him better by studying his Word. This is the most important assignment because Bible study is the only learning with eternal significance. The Bible also promises rewards in this life to those committed to learning the Word of God. 

What is this process called “learning”? Does the Bible have anything to say about it? If so, does modern science confirm or reject the Bible's view? Were we created with brains designed to be shaped by learning God's Word? Has God given us through his word an instruction manual about how to learn his teachings? 

My search for answers to these questions led me to build out The AROMA Approach to Bible Study in unexpected ways. God in his power and love guided me to the answers I needed. I didn't plan to write this book. I set out to write Bible studies after primarily writing devotionals for many years. 

God had a different plan. Through a series of events and revelations only he could orchestrate, the AROMA Approach to Bible Study was born. It incorporates best practices for learning from the Bible and neuroscience. This dynamic combination is not surprising because both come from the same Creator. 

Spurred on by the ladies of the National Association of Christian Women Entrepreneurs and their godly mentoring, I began to create a course and book I never imagined I would write. But GOD...

Learn the AROMA Approach to Bible Study and be:
1. Amazed by how God created your brain to learn his Word even as an adult
2. Excited to see what treasures God wants to reveal to you from his Word 
3. Encouraged to get more serious about Bible study because of the rewards God has for you 

Learn with me as we study the intersection between the Creator and the created, his teaching and how we are created to learn. We will find joy forevermore as we journey the to transform our lives through the power of Bible study. 

You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore. Psalm 16:11 NKJV


Victoria Carrington